Walking Out

Music for a film by Alex and Andrew Smith

Ernst Reijseger [artistic director, cello, voice]
Erik Bosgraaf [soprano-, alto-, tenor-, bass-recorder, whirly tubes, organ]
Harmen Fraanje [piano, organ, church organ]
Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves [percussion, whirly tubes]
Djoeke Klijzing [cello]
Charles Watt [cello]
Fanny Winter [vocals]
Forma Antiqva ensemble:
Jorge Jiménez [1st violin]
Pablo Prieto [2nd violin]
Daniel Zapico [theorbo]
Pablo Zapico [baroque guitar]
Lola Fernández [viola]
Ruth Verona [baroque cello]
Silvia Jiménez [double bass]

  1. Walking Out 5:15
  2. Incoming Clouds 2:00
  3. Alone with the View 3:41
  4. Taken by the River 3:25
  5. Dido’s Lament [When I am laid in Earth I] 4:00
  6. Geese Compass 2:46
  7. Tales of Generations 4:03
  8. Longing for Sunrise 4:48
  9. Northern Lights 2:23
  10. Dido’s Lament [When I am laid in Earth II] 4:30
  11. Lucid 2:21
  12. Vigil 1:50
  13. Grandfather’s Hunting Hat 2:01
  14. Dido’s Lament [When I am laid in Earth III] 3:54
  15. In Mid Air 5:06

Total time: 53:07

All compositions by Ernst Reijseger
except track 5,10, 14 [Henry Purcell]

Recorded 2016
Evangelisch-Lutherse kerk Haarlem, the Netherlands
except track 5, 14 recorded June 27-30, 2016
Estudio Uno, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid, Spain
Recording engineer Adrian von Ripka
Assistant recording engineer Omar Carrascosa
Originally produced by Winter&Winter

Cover photo courtesy of Alex and Andrew Smith
Graphic design Krijn van Noordwijk

© Spring Music 2019