My Son, My Son,
What Have Ye Done

David Lynch presents a Werner Herzog film

Ernst Reijseger [artistic director, cello]
Luciano Biondini [accordion]
Harmen Fraanje [piano]
Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves [percussion]
Mola Sylla [voice]
Sandip Bhattacharya [voice, tabla]
Djoeke Klijzing [cello, voice on track 6]
Julie Läderach [cello]
Tom van Lent [cello]
Bonno Lange [cello]

  1. Valente Quintero, performed by Chavela Vargas 5:01
  2. The Face of God (Raging Waters) 8:52
  3. Flamingos (Death On Crystal Street) 5:03
  4. Intrusions 8:57
  5. I Am Born To Preach The Gospel,
    performed by Reverend George Washington Philipps 1:40
  1. Still Life (Leaving Your Earthly Possessions) 7:16
  2. Swordsmith Destiny 2:01
  3. State Of Siege 5:19
  4. Book Of Job 6:04
  5. Tunnel Of Time 5:07
  6. Mechanical Pianist 1:20
  7. Heaven On Earth 4:21
  8. Eyes Of The World 2:53
  9. Gabino Barrera, performed by Chavela Vargas 3:05
  10. Rainy Season 5:54

Total time: 72:45

All compositions by Ernst Reijseger
except track 1 [Antonio Cantoral García]
track 5 [traditional]
track 14 [Víctor Cordero]

Recorded June 2009
Evangelisch-Lutherse kerk Haarlem, The Netherlands
Recording engineer Philipp Heck
Originally produced by Winter&Winter

Cover photo courtesy of Herb Golder
Graphic design Krijn van Noordwijk

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